Amazing (NONTOXIC!) Automatic Dishwasher Dish Soap Recipe

I have previously promised to share two soap recipes with some of my friends on Facebook. THIS IS FOR YOU, DOLORES AND DEB! 🙂 Now, beware, this is rather complicated….you may want to take notes. 🙂 Ingredients: 1 cup of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap – any scent, find one you like! 1 cup of Water 1 teaspoon of lemon juice Put all 3 into a container you can use to hold the fluid and mix well. Be sure to … Great read! Show me more!

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Homemade (NonToxic!) Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

In my desire to eradicate as much triclosan, dioxane, sodium laurel sulfate, diethanolamine, formaldehyde, parabens, and dirt from our home, I have decided to eliminate as many different commercial soap products from our daily lives as I can.  .**BTW, if you want to research your products (in your home!) or just to do some looking, please check out the Environmental Working Groups website, I refer to it frequently! When you think of soap, you expect it to clean. But, you … Great read! Show me more!

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Eat Your Sweet Potatoes!

So, I cubed and baked some sweet potatoes last night, in preparation for today’s lunch. Lil ‘K LOVES sweet potatoes! Yay, me. Tomorrow will be soooo easy. Or, so I thought. 🙂 So, when I served them up today at lunch time, I sprinkled cinnamon on them (everything is better with cinnamon, don’t you know?) & put them on his place with some pear slices. Well, lo & behold, I turn around & the pear is gone & the sweet … Great read! Show me more!

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Death of a Little One – Grieving Options

Normally, I would stay away from this type of subject. But, a post on Psychology Today struck a cord with me this morning. Perhaps it was the recent conversations I have had with friends, one regarding a 2.5 year who is going through radiation treatments. She had a brain tumor removed surgically and the radiation is to ensure all the cancer cells are gone. Or, the other conversation I had with another very dear friend of mine regarding a 9 … Great read! Show me more!

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Tips and Tricks for Pumping: Freezing Milk

If you are lucky enough to make more than what your baby needs you may find yourself needing to freeze or donate the milk.  Even if you donate milk, often times you will still freeze what you have so you can donate a larger amount at one time.  When I donated I gave out about 2 weeks’ worth of milk at a time.  My first time I breastfeed I froze some milk in the first month or two, but after … Great read! Show me more!

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Tips and Tricks for Pumping: Traveling

There comes a time when you need to travel for work or travel with your baby.  The majority of the information below relates mostly to traveling with milk.  I have traveled twice for work while pumping the second time, it can be very stressful.  To make it worse, the first time I had to travel was also the first time I had ever traveled by myself!  I survived and learned a lot. I also think that if you are an … Great read! Show me more!

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Tips and Tricks for Pumping: Increasing Your Supply

So many women struggle with milk supply for a variety of reasons, some women exclusively breastfeed, pump exclusively or a combination of both.  Much of this information could be applied to any women in need in an increased supply. When you start to do any of the below suggestions, please give it at least a week or two before considering it a failure.  Some women might see a change after a day or two, but others it could take a … Great read! Show me more!

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Tips and Tricks for Pumping: General Information

As an extension of my previous post, Getting Started, I’d like to provide you with some more general information regarding pumping.  Please continue to keep in mind that every woman, baby, nursing, and pumping relationship is different.  Not all advise I’ve included worked for me, however much of it did. The part that seems to vary from women to women is the pump and suction setting. This section includes what I feel is the most valuable advice for an exclusive … Great read! Show me more!

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Tips and Tricks for Pumping: Getting Started

I have spent over a year hooked up to a pump and in my time I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve dealt with a lack of supply, an oversupply, traveling for work, going to school and working full time, a baby that never slept and a baby that loves sleeping.  The thing I learned the most from my first time pumping is that being educated on the subject is important because you can be proactive in keeping up your supply and … Great read! Show me more!

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My Toddler’s Diet – Some Days Are Good, Some Not So Good….

What did Lil ‘K eat today? Well, it’s only 11 am & I must say, I’m pretty happy right now with his nutritional intake. For breakfast, he had a mini cinnamon & raisin bagel with peanut butter and a banana. For his mid-morning snack, he had quesadilla made with wheat (the smaller ones) tortilla, stuffed with apple slices, sliced grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, and some colby & monterey jack cheese. He dipped the quesadilla into two dips: one was medium … Great read! Show me more!

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